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By | September 17, 2011

I recently switched my default browser from Firefox to Chrome, and tested various blogging productivity tools. In the Chrome Webstore many apps and extensions are available to add more functionality to this wonderful web browser. I created a list of tools that help to increase your productivity as a blogger.

WordPress Stats. For bloggers who are addicted to statistics. Gets daily traffic stats of all your WordPress blogs right in your Chrome browser. Works in combination with Stats plugin for self-hosted wordpress blogs.

Scribefire for Chrome. A full-featured weblog client that integrates with Chrome and lets you easily manage multiple blogs. Supported platforms are WordPress, Blogger, MovableType, TypePad, Tumblr, Posterous, Xanga, LiveJournal, and others. Improves productivity for bloggers who run blogs on different platforms, and bloggers with a large number of blogs.

Blog This. An extension that allows quick posting to all your Blogger blogs. Makes it easy to blog about sites you’re currently browsing. Simply highlight some text and click the blogger icon. A new application window will open with a pre-populated post that has the same title as the webpage you’re on, as well as the highlighted text and a link to the page. From there you can edit the post as you please, and select the blog you want to post on from a dropdownmenu.

Multipress. An extension that allows quick access to the Press This interface of your favorite WordPress blogs, in a similar way to Blog This. Allows quick posting to five different blogs.

WordPress Checker. This extension checks your WordPress blogs for pending comments and spam. Shows approved, pending, spam and total comments for one or more blogs from your Chrome browser.

WordPress Comment Notifier. Notifies when comments are posted on your wordpress blogs.

Tumblr Dashboard. This extension allows access to your tumblelog, and creates new content directly from Chrome.

Share on Tumblr. A Chrome extension that adds one-click submission to your Tumblr blog functionality.

Zemanta. Expands your blogging dashboard by presenting content suggestions based on your blog articles. Supports many blog platforms, Gmail and Yahoo! Mail.

Blog Security. Not a really a productivity tool, but a rather important app that scans your self-hosted WordPress installations, and fixes possible security vulnerabilities accordingly. It also monitors your WordPress blogs for any changes, and patches new threats automatically.

I must say that I’m quite pleased with my new default browser. And with these blogging productivity tools it certainly has become a lot easier, and faster, to manage all my blogs.

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