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By | April 23, 2009

Turn your WordPress powered site into a Youtube Video Blog.

Most bloggers already know that it’s possible to easily embed flash video’s in blog posts. What’s not as well known is that YouTube creates a thumbnail for each video that we can also embed. This makes it possible to create a video blog with an index of clickable thumbnails.

The free Videographer theme works best with the two different plugins: WP Youtube and WP Postratings.

Once everything is installed you can post video’s, simply by including the unique Youtube video ID’s in a custom field in your wordpress posts. With this brilliant theme you an easily turn your wordpress blog into a video blog.

3 thoughts on “WordPress Youtube video blog theme

  1. william

    hey mate, thanks for sharing this great plugin…Good to know people share out there…

    Stumbled :D


  2. Lhady

    Video blogging is kind of cool but i think it is more time consuming than regular text based blogs. i already have at least 1 video blog and 2 regular blogs.

  3. Mickey Chern

    Video blogginging is an exciting way to share your daily experiences with your family and friends. I have just started video blogging.::


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