WordPress 2.5 Released

Time to upgrade your blogs again folks. WordPress 2.5 RC 1 has been released. And this time the changes made are quite drastic. You’ll have to say goodbye to the good old admin interface we’ve worked with for the past years. And accordingly the whole wordpress.org website has been redesigned. Whether you like it or not…

Personally I was so used and familiar to the old admin interface, and frankly I liked it better then this new design, and actually I’m already starting to miss the old look. But let’s have a closer look at the cool new features that come with this upgrade. Its definitely a huge improvement again.

  • New option to add in your blog posts (add video, add audio, add media)
  • Widget-based dashboard
  • Ability to have any number of any widget
  • Undo for comment editing
  • Search for both posts and pages
  • Use wpdb prepare everywhere
  • Switch to expect unescaped data for internal functions
  • XML-RPC refactor

wordpress 2.5 released

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